1. Go to www.primeshare.net and login with your Primeshare account.

  2. From the menu options where your user ID is displayed, Select “Admin Apps”.

  3. Click “Manage Files”.

  4. On Secure Drive, locate and select file or folder you want to share.

  5. On the item you want to share, click “Get Item Link” icon.

  6. Define Access Policy on the item to be shared.
    1. Set the Destination Portal
      • Public Link (Default) means when the recipient clicks on the shared link, Primeshare will not ask for a portal login. They will be able to access and view the shared file directly. (example: clients that don’t need a Primeshare account but that are sending you sensitive files)

        Sample Scenario:
        If you share Primeshare Demo folder and chose the Public Link option in the Destination Portal, the recipient will be able to access and view the shared file directly when the recipient clicks on the Share Link.

        Hence, the recipient does not need to sign up for a Primeshare account or enter login information.

      • Is a Client Portal is selected, then only the added users in the selected portal can access and view the shared file.  The portal users are still required to login.  Learn how to setup your client portal in Secure Client Portal section of this guide.

      • Sample Scenario:
        If you want to share Primeshare Demo folder to all the users added in a specific client portal, select or enter the name of the client portal in the Destination Portal.

        In the image, we have a client portal called psdemo11 entered in the Destination Portal.  With this, all the users added in the psdemo11 portal will have access to the shared file.

        Hence, when these users click on the Share Link, they will be required to enter their portal login information to view and access the shared file.

    2. Set Link Expiry Days.
      Establish when the Share Link will expire — after the set number of days the link will no longer be available.

    3. Set Geo Restriction
      Allow Share Link to only be opened from specific geographic locations.

    4. Set a Password that the recipient will need to provide to access the shared file.

    5. Disable/Enable Identify User
      If this feature is enabled, when the recipient clicks on the Share Link to view the shared file, the recipient is required to provide his/her email address.

      This feature is available only when Destination Portal  is set to Public Link .

    6. Set Permissions.
      Enable/Disable the following functions:
      • Allow Comments
      • Allow Downloads
      • Allow Editing
      • Allow Copying
      • Allow Moving
      • Allow Forwarding
      • Allow Deleting

  7. Click “Submit”.

  8. Primeshare generates Share Link.

    1. Send via E-mail directs you to a popup box where you can compose an email.

    2. Copy to Clipboard copies the link of the Share Link so that you can paste it into a text message or another email interface should that be your preference.