1. Go to primeshare.net and login with your Primeshare account.
  2. If you are not already at the Client Portal Administration main menu then select it from the menu options where your user ID is displayed.
  3. Click "Create New Portal".
  4. Enter a name for your portal with the following considerations in mind:  (Your portal name will be appended to the end of the Primeshare domain as https://www.primeshare.net/<yourPortalName>.)
  • Your portal name must be unique within Primeshare.  (If someone has already used your portal name you will see an error that the name is not unique.  If this occurs, choose another name.)
  • Your portal name cannot contain any special characters.
  • Your portal URL cannot be modified after creating it without deleting the portal. 
  • Your portal URL should include your company name or company acronym

  • Choose a template from the drop-down menu that best matches your business type. Your portal will be created and you can select Manage Portal or View Portal.  This would be a good time to view the portal to insure that the template you chose is acceptable.  If not, you can delete the portal and start over and choose another template.
  • To  change the system logo for your portal Website go to Client Portal Administration and click Manage Portal.
  • From the "Actions" menu select "Customizel".
  • You will be redirected to the top level of your client portal folders within your file directory.
  • Most likely, the first folder showing within the first level of the portal folders is the "Site Logo" folder.
  • Click the "Site Logo" folder to view its contents.
  • Delete the current logo file by clicking the garbage can icon listed at the end of the file actions.
  • Click "Upload File" and browse for and select your company logo image.
  • Browse to your portal site and refresh the page to see your company logo loaded on the page now.