To invite users to your Primeshare Client Portal: 

  1. In the Client Portal Administration page, click “Manage Portal”.

  2. Go to ”Actions → Add Users”.

  3. Fill in user information: Last Name, First Name
    Add user’s Email and set user’s Password to access the portal.

    To add multiple users at once, click on “[+] New Users“ and add many rows as required.

  4. Select which folder(s) to assign to the user.
    The Assigned Folder(s) are the folders in your portal that the user has access to.

    Click +Add More to select folders, on your Secure Drive, to be assigned to client portal users.

    By default, the user’s assigned folder is located at
    All My Files/Client Access Portals/<yourPortalName>/My Client Portal Users/email

  5. Assign user’s File Request Folder.
    The File Request Folder is the folder in your portal where the user’s requested files are uploaded.

    By default, the file request folder for a user that you add is located at
    All My Files/Client Access Portals/<yourPortalName>/Incoming File Uploads/email

  6. Set User’s Role.
    Users can be categorized as:
    • User: This type of user can be Firm Employees who can view and download files shared with them.
    • Contributor: This type of user can be firm employees or representatives from different firm with extra privileges.  Some of the features are delete, move, forward, edit, rename, view sensitive data, and have access to features like mobile app POST support.
    • Client: This type of user can be Firm Clients who has limited access to features. They can only view files shared with them.

      Assigning of roles lets you organize between users that are your own employees (Ex: lawyers in a firm for example), or collaborators (ex: representatives from different companies working on a project).

  7. Click "Submit".

  8. The newly added or invited users in the client portal will get an email containing the client portal URL and the user’s login information.