• Secure Client portals allow you create a secure website that highlights your company and creates a place that you and your client can share files secure without third party tools or additional software.
  • Create and customize your secure client portal using professional, built-in site templates.
  • Your site can include your company logo, a mission statement, company contact info and social media feeds.
  • Your site can also include sections that help promote team collaboration and generate new business.
  • Your site is created with a public facing URL for visitors and a secure area for authenticated users. 
  • Users can sign-up to access the secure area or you can create accounts and assign access to shared folders within your cloud drive.
  • Primeshare sends users an email with a secure link that they use to complete their registration.
  • All your clients have to do is enter their name and set a password for their account and they will be able to login to their own folder in your company.

Click to go to the Freshdesk Article for steps on configuring this feature. (Includes video!)