1. Go to www.primeshare.net and login with your Primeshare account.

  2. From the menu options where your user ID is displayed, Select “Admin Apps”.

  3. Click “Manage Files”.

  4. On Secure Drive, locate, select and click on the checkbox of the files or folders you want to share.

  5. Click “Share Selected Items” icon.

  6. Define Access Policy on the items to be shared.
    1. Select Share Method
      • Secure Email – Provide the recipient’s email address and a secure email that contains the Share Link will be sent to the recipient.
      • Text Message – Provide the recipient’s Cell Phone Number and a text message that contains the Share Link will be sent to recipient.
      • Get Public Link – A Share Link will be generated, copy the link and send it to the recipient using any channel (e.g. Skype)

    2. Set Permissions.
      Enable/Disable the following functions:
      • Comments 
      • Downloads  
      • Edit  
      • Copy  
      • Move  
      • Forward Sharing  
      • Delete  

    3. Set a Password that the recipient will need to provide to access the shared items. (OPTIONAL)

    4. To Allow Shared Items to be accessible ONLY by specific IP Addresses. (OPTIONAL)

    5. To Allow Shared Items to be accessible ONLY during a set period of time. (OPTIONAL)

    6. Set Link Expiry Days.
      Share Link will expire after the set number of days from sharing date.
    7. Provide a Message.

    8. Set Restrict Portal Access.
      If check box is checked, ONLY the users in the selected portal can access and view the shared items. The portal users are still required to login.

      In the image above, the client portal psdemo11 was checked.  Hence, all the users added on psdemo11 portal will have access to the shared items.  These users will be required to enter their portal login information to view and access the shared items.  Learn how to setup your client portal in Secure Client Portal section of this guide.

  7. Click “Share Item”.